Why Aren't They Spamming The Chinese?

Whilst trying to drink my first cup of coffee this morning, I was rudely interrupted by click-jacking malware affecting my wife’s computer. All she was trying to do was look at some Google search results, but clicking on them would take her to a suspicious looking shopping search site. From a little bit of Googling it looked as if it might be a real nasty trojan which would have taken ages to clean up. Fortunately it turned out that all the pages she was having the problem with had been infected with the same bit of malicious JavaScript. I'm not sure how (probably through a malicious banner ad or something) but a reference to the following JavaScript had been inserted at the very end (after the </html>) of each affected page:
if (navigator.language)
  var language = navigator.language;
  var language = navigator.browserLanguage;

if(language.indexOf('zh') == -1) { 
  var regexp = /\.(aol|google|youdao|yahoo|bing|118114|biso|gougou|ifeng|ivc|sooule|niuhu|biso|ec21)(\.[a-z0-9\-]+){1,2}\//ig;
  var where = document.referrer;
  if (regexp.test(where)) {
To make the script easier to read I've reformatted it, and replaced the redirect with a safe URL (who doesn't trust the BBC?) rather than giving the spammers free advertising, but I haven't changed any of the functional aspects of the script.

Essentially all it does is check the URL that you were on when you clicked the link leading you to the current page, and if that looks like a search results page from one of 14 different companies, then it redirects you. The regular expression it uses to check the referring page is simple yet effective and will catch any of the sub-domains of these search services as well. What I find weird is why the script checks the language of the browser.

The first four lines of the script get the language the browser is using. There are two ways of doing this depending on which browser you are using hence the if statement. On my machine this gets me en-US (which means I need to figure out why it has switched from en-UK which is what I thought I'd set it to). Line 6 then checks to make sure the language doesn't include the string zh, which according to Wikipedia is Chinese. I'm assuming that the spammers behind the script are Chinese and don't want to be inconvenienced by their own script, but it seems odd, especially when you consider that at least one of the search engines covered by the regular expression (118114 on many different top-level domains) seems to be a Chinese site.

Looking at this script there is of course another way to defeat it, other than disabling JavaScript. One of the privacy or security options in most browsers concerns the referer (yes I know it is spelt wrong, but that is the correct spelling in the HTTP spec) header. Essentially this header tells a web server the page you were on when you clicked the link leading to the page you are requesting. Some sites will use this to provide functionality so disabling it can cause problems but it does mitigate against scripts like this one. Because it can cause problems it's often an advanced setting, for example here are the details for Firefox.


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