Alternative Content

I haven't had lots of free time recently, hence the lack of posts on this blog. Hopefully that will change over Christmas and I'll have the time to catch up on some of my own projects. Today's post is just a quick note about a new version of my Simple QuickTime Embedding script.

In the previous version if QuickTime wasn't installed then the script could be configured to either redirect to a given URL or to call a JavaScript function. Whilst this was quite flexible it did require some programming skills in order to provide useful alternative content. The new version of the script adds an easier method.

Now if QuickTime isn't installed and within the player DIV there is a DIV with the CSS class alt-content then the content of this DIV will be used to fully replace the content of the main player DIV. It's easier to view the examples than it is to explain it! Hopefully this will make the script more flexible and hence more useful to a wider range of users.

With this release I've also moved the code into my SVN repository so interested parties can monitor future development (and I can more easily figure out what I changed between releases).