Postvorta: WordPress Support

Just a quick Postvorta related announcement (which I'm sure you'll have figured out from the title and image); Postvorta now supports indexing WordPress blogs! Currently this is limited to blogs hosted on although I'm hoping to extend the support to self hosted WordPress blogs shortly.

Whilst the search works the same as it does for Blogger hosted blogs there are a couple of things to note. Firstly there are currently no image thumbnails in the search results. While WordPress blogs do include image information within the data I use to index the blogs it's not in the same format or as easily usable as the support provided by Blogger. I'll try and rectify this at some point, as I extend support to self hosted WordPress blogs and possibly other blogging platforms. Also free blogs don't allow custom gadgets to include JavaScript or HTML forms and so I don't currently have a way of providing a search gadget like I do on Blogger. other than those two issues it seems to work fine and I've already had positive feedback from one happy user.

So if you have a blog and you'd like to use Postvorta then feel free to sign up to the beta programme.


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