Disable Dynamic Views: An Update

Just over a month ago I blogged about a small GreaseMonkey script that you could install so that you didn't have to see any of Blogger's new dynamic view templates ever again. Well it turns out that there was a small bug in that version of the script.

If you remember, the script essentially works by tricking Blogger into thinking you are viewing the blog without JavaScript by adding v=0 to the query string of each link within the blog. Well it turns out that there was one case where this wasn't working properly; the link that jumps you to the comments within the post specific page. The problem was that these links point not only to a page but a specific anchor by adding #comments to the URL. Unfortunately my script was adding the query string after the anchor reference (i.e. post-page.html#comments?v=0) when it should add it to the page location (i.e. post-page.html?v=0#comments). I've updated the script to v1.1 which contains a fix for this. In theory if you have already installed the script your browser should eventually pick up the new version. But if you haven't yet installed the script or just want to make sure you have the latest version then you can install/upgrade by simply clicking this link.